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ARESSET is sustainable luxury jewellery brand, working with modern and traditional fine jewellery techniques. All of our jewellery pieces are handmade locally in Paris, in one to three weeks.

Our commitment to sustainability comes with our 4 principles bellow:


We aspire to create pieces that will last in time. Jewellery pieces that can be passed onto generations. Classic pieces with a twist and luxury sustainable materials.

Sustainable materials:

Recycling old materials and preventing the harmful cycle of mining for new ones, provides us with the opportunity to preserve the earth’s resources. Our precious stones and diamonds are only Lab Grown. Please read bellow for more details about all our sustainable materials.

Locally made:

We believe that luxury fashion should be produced on a made to order principle and locally by independent artisans. Empowering modern and traditional Parisian “Savoir-faire”.

Slow Fashion:

In a world made of fast shipments, ready to consume fashion and throw away unsold collections around the world’ ARESSET supports that sustainable and luxury fashion should be slow.




As part of our sustainable ethos we have chosen to work with recycled gold,
lab grown diamonds, lab grown precious stones and cultured pearls based on their
ecological impact. It is an exciting ethical direction for sustainability in jewellery.


Our silver jewellery is made from 925 Recycled Sterling Silver. Our silver is sourced by refiners that are certified by RJC (Responsible Jewellery Council). The alloy is mix of recycled silver with COC silver (Chain of Custody).


is a precious metal of 925 Sterling Silver with 5 microns of 18K Yellow Gold applied with the process of electroplating. This process strengthens the silver and protects it from oxidation.


is 925 Sterling Silver plated with Rhodium which is a precious metal. This process strengthens the silver and protects it from oxidation.

Our jewellery is made from 18K Recycled gold. Our gold is sourced by refiners that are certified by RJC (Responsible Jewellery Council). The alloy is mix of recycled gold with COC gold (Chain of Custody).
On our jewellery we are using only lab grown diamonds* by our sustainable supplier (100% renewable energy, zero CO2 emissions) and will come with certification (for sizes over 0.50ct) from GIA (Gemmological Institute of America) or IGI (International Gemmological Institute), selection of type 2a, DEF, VS+. Lab grown diamonds are certified based on their colour, cut, clarity and carat.

*Lab grown diamonds or otherwise called cultured diamonds, are machine created diamonds by applying immense heat and pressure on carbon in order to form their shape. There are two methods of producing lab grown diamonds: HPHT or CVD. Lab Grown diamonds, are identical to a mined diamond but without the social and environmental harm that mined diamonds do.

Lab Grown Diamond Vs Mined Diamond physical properties comparison:

Lab Grown Diamond Mined Diamond
Crystal Structure Cubic Cubic
Composition Carbon Carbon
Hardness 10 10
SG* 3.52 3.52
RI* 2.42 2.42
Lustre Adamantine Adamantine
Made by A lab Nature

*SG=density, *RI=refractive value

Similarly to lab grown diamonds, we have chosen to work with lab grown Gemstones, like fancy Emeralds, Rubies, Alexandrites or Sapphires. The process is similar to lab grown diamonds. Their physical and chemical properties are identical to earth-mined precious stones and their quality is often higher as the process of creating them is more controlled.
As a sustainable brand, we have chosen to work with cultured pearls in our collections. Our supplier of pearls collaborates with regulated farms around the world to make sure that sustainability is in place, not only in environmental but also in humanitarian aspects. Our pearls are graded on their: lustre, size, shape, colour and surface. We are using the official grading system which is defined by four different qualities: A, B, C, and D. (A being the highest quality)