Privacy Policy


  • 1. In order to ensure the best understanding of the present Privacy Policy, the reader is invited to take note of the following definitions :
    • Account: Refers to the personal web interface that any Customer or User can create on the Website.
    • Bag: Refers to the list of Products selected by the Customer prior to the validation and payment of the Order.
    • Company: Refers to ARESSET S.A.S.U., whose relevant information is specified in the legal notice, which is the exclusive owner of the ARESSET brand.
    • Cookie(s): Refers to, according to the General Data Protection Regulation of April 27, 2016, a small file stored by a server in the terminal (computer, phone etc.) of a User and associated with a web domain. This file is automatically returned upon subsequent contacts with the  same domain.
    • Customer(s): Refers to Users who have acquired or are in the process of acquiring one or more Products available on the Website.
    • Order: Refers to the Customer’s request to have the Product(s) listed in the Bag delivered after finalisation and payment of the price.
    • PP: Refers to this Privacy Policy Personal Data Refers to any information, according to the General Data Protection Regulation of April 27, 2016 , relating to an identified or identifiable natural person, that is, one who can be identified directly or indirectly including, but not limited to, by an identifier.
    • Product(s): Refers to jewellery, creations, and all goods marketed by the Company.
    • User(s): Refers to any natural or legal person accessing the Website as an User or Customer.
    • Website: Refers to the website and all its related domains and sub-domains.


  • 2. is a Website which is operated by ARESSET. This Website is dedicated to the sale and distribution of manufactured and handcrafted jewellery items.
  • 3. The Website is accessible for free to any person with Internet access. Consultation of the Website is free and does not require registration or prior identification. Any person accessing the Website will be considered as a User.
  • 4. This PP is intended to inform the User about the manner in which the Company collects  and processes Personal Data when using the Website. It applies by right, in its entirety and with no restriction to all Users of the Website, whether or not they are Customers of ARESSET.
  • 5. This PP is accessible at any time on the Website and prevails over any previous version. The applicable version is the one in force on the Website.
  • 6. The Company retains the right to modify, add to or delete from its PP at any time without notice. In case of substantial amendment of the PP, the Company undertakes to inform the Users and obtain their consent. However, the version of the PP enforceable to the User remains  the one made available on the day of browsing and using the Website.
  • 7. ARESSET advises its User to download and keep the current PP, as the Company is not able to ensure that the PP is kept up to date. In case of disagreement between the Company and the User, this document could be used as evidence to support the User’s claims.
  • 8. This policy, which is available at all times on the Website, is the only policy applicable and prevail over all previous versions.


  • 9. ARESSET believes that trust and transparency are the keys to successful and lasting relationships. ARESSET respects the concerns of its Users about their privacy. In this regard, the Company does everything in its power to ensure the protection of its Users’ Personal Datas.
  • 10. For this reason, the Company takes special care to collect and process their personal data only with the utmost care and in strict compliance with the applicable legal framework.
  • 11. The PP is intended to explain in detail why and how Users’ Personal Datas are processed  when they browse the ARESSET Website or purchase from the Company.


  • 12. When a User uses the Website, the Company processes Personal Data for various purposes detailed below, each of which is duly legitimised by a valid legal basis.
  • 13. The Company retains the right to use the data provided by the User’s social network services and to aggregate them when the User connects to them in order to carry out cross-sending.

4.1. Browsing information

  • 14. In order to enrich the User’s experience, the Company wishes to understand the User’s interactions with the Website. Therefore, the Company needs to analyse various browsing information collected through Cookies in order to gather information about performance related to the use of the Website.
  • 15. For this purpose, the Company relies on its legitimate interest which consists in understanding the way its Website is browsed by Users; and improve the Website if necessary.
  • 16. The User is invited to take note of our policy on Cookies, set out in article 10 of this PP.

4.2. Communications and notices

  • 17. The Company collects and processes Personal Data in order to respond to any questions, requests or feedback that Users may submit to the Company, whether or not initiated by the Company.
  • 18. Thus, the collection and processing of Personal Data by this means can only take place as a result of a question, request or feedback that is directly addressed by post or email to the Company. Apart from this situation, Personal Data will never be collected by this means.
  • 19. This processing involves the collection of the following categories of Personal Data: identification data (the information provided, including name and email address) and the content of the message(s) the User may send to the Company.
  • 20. This processing is based on the Company’s legitimate interest in having to manage its relations with Users and Customers where applicable.

4.3. Account management

  • 21. Users may create an Account on the Website to facilitate the completion of their Order. In order to manage this Account, and in particular to allow Users to access content reserved for Account holders only, the Company may collect and process the following Personal Data:
    • first and last names;
    • home or shipping address; date and place of birth
    • date and place of birth;
    • age;
    • telephone number;
    • email address;
    • IP address;
    • login and password to access the Account.
  • 22. The legal basis for this processing is the need for the Company to perform an agreement to which the User is a party.

4.4. Order management

  • 23. The Company collects Personal Data for the management of Orders and for invoicing purposes, under the following conditions with regard to the data of natural persons:
    • Account number;
    • first and last names;
    • home address or shipping address;
    • date and place of birth;
    • telephone number;
    • email address.
  • 24. The legal basis for this processing is the need to perform an agreement to which the Customer is a party.

4.5. Payment management

  • 25. The Company collects and processes the following Personal Data, which is necessary for the management of the purchase operations:
    • first name and last name of the payment card or PayPal;
    • number of the payment card;
    • expiration date of the payment card;
    • and visual cryptogram of the payment card used.
  • 26. In order to ensure the privacy of its Customers’ banking data, the Company uses the services of the secure platform Stripe.
  • 27. The legal basis for this processing is the need to perform an agreement to which the Users are party as soon as they become Customers of the Company, as well as to comply with the legal needs related to the fight against payment card fraud.
  • 28. Users are never compelled to provide Personal Data that the Company may request of them. Nevertheless, the Company draws their attention to the fact that if they refuse, they will not be able to complete an Order or make a purchase on the ARESSET Website.
  • 29. In any event, and regardless of the purpose of the processing in question, the Company will adhere to a strict principle of data minimization and will therefore only collect and process Personal Data that is necessary for the purposes indicated above.


  • 30. The Company undertakes to comply, as far as possible, with the legal rules preventing, limiting or regulating the dissemination of information or Personal Data of its Users, in particular with regard to the law n°78-17 of January 6, 1978 relating to “Informatique, aux Fichiers et aux Libertés”.

5.1. Services providers and suppliers

  • 31. The Company shares Personal Data with third party service providers and suppliers who assist the Company in fulfilling the purposes specified in this Privacy Policy. Service providers and suppliers may have access to Personal Data for the sole purpose of carrying out the tasks assigned to them.
  • 32. The Company ensures that service providers and suppliers provide sufficient safeguards for the performance of the assignment and comply with applicable laws and regulations.
  • 33. The third party company receiving the information undertakes to apply the same conditions as those in the Website’s PP.

5.2. Competent authority and jurisdiction

  • 34. In accordance with applicable laws, the Company is required to share Personal Data with the competent courts and any other governmental and/or public authority requesting access to Personal Data, to the extent legally permitted.

5.3. Others entities

  • 35. In any case, the Company shares Personal Data only to the above-mentioned recipients on a strict need-to-know basis and only to the extent necessary to achieve the duly identified processing purposes.


  • 36. The Company retains Personal Data for a limited period of time, which in any event shall not exceed the time necessary to fulfil the purposes described in Section 4 of this PP.
  • 37. If the Company determines that it is not necessary to keep Personal Data in the Company’s active database, the Personal Data will be archived and the Company will ensure that access to it is restricted to a limited number of persons with a demonstrated need to access the Personal Data.

6.1. Browsing information

  • 38. The retention period for Cookies is specified below in accordance with the provisions of Article 10 of this PP.

6.2. Communication and notices

  • 39. Personal Data resulting from questions, requests or feedback from Users are not kept for more than five (5) years after the last contact at the User’s initiative.

6.3. Account management

  • 40. The Company will retain Personal Data until the Account is closed. However, if the Company needs to retain Personal Data for evidentiary purposes beyond the date of closure of your Account, then the maximum applicable retention period will be in accordance with the statutory limitation periods.

6.4. Order management

  • 41. As far as the management of Orders is concerned, Personal Data will be kept for the duration of the commercial relationship and ten (10) years after this duration for accounting purposes.

6.5. Payment management

  • 42. The Personal Data are kept, in case of purchase operation, until the reception of the Products, increased by the period of retraction foreseen for the sales of goods in the conditions foreseen by the General Conditions of Sale.
  • 43. Concerning the conservation of the means of proof in order to manage the possible complaints, the data are kept for a duration of 13 months, following the date of debit. The data thus kept for evidence purposes must be kept in an intermediate archive and only be used in the event of a dispute about the transaction.


7.1. Personal Data transfers

  • 44. Personal Data may be processed outside the European Union. In this situation, the Company takes all necessary precautions and ensures alternatively or cumulatively that:
    • an adequacy decision has been taken by the European Commission concerning the country of destination;
    • contractual clauses adopted by the European Commission or the supervisory authority have been signed with the recipient
    • the recipient adheres to an approved code of conduct or certification scheme.
  • 45. The Company does not resell the Personal Data of its Users.

7.2. Others transfers

  • 46. The Company reserves the right to publish, disclose or use information aggregated by the Website, only with respect to non-Personal Data, for market analysis, demographic profiling, promotional, strategic, marketing or advertising purposes.

7.3. Data transfers abroad

  • 47. In case of transfer by the Company of Personal Data collected about the User or the Customer outside the country where the information was originally obtained, local data protection laws and practices may be different.
  • 48. The Company undertakes to take adequate precautions to ensure the protection of such information, but shall not be held liable for any damages that may be caused by differences in the legal requirements of the countries concerned.


  • 49. The User has various rights concerning the processing of Personal Data:
    • the right to ask the Company for access to Personal Data and their rectification or deletion;
    • right to ask the Company to restrict the processing of Personal Data concerning you;
    • right to object to the processing of Personal Data;
    • right to data portability ;
    • the right to give instructions regarding the use of Personal Data after the death of the User;
    • the right to ask for the deletion of his Account at any time and on simple request to the Company;
    • the right to make a complaint with the “Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL)”, the competent control authority.
  • 50. To exercise their rights or for any question on the protection of Personal Data, Users must make a request accompanied by proof of identity by mail addressed to ARESSET, 65 rue de la Roquette, 75011 Paris.
  • 51. The Company will try to respond without undue delay and at the latest within one (1) month of receipt of the request. The Company reserves the right to extend this period to three (3) months in the case of a complex request.
  • 52. The Company is committed to protecting Personal Data and to complying with the applicable legal framework on data protection.
  • 53. For this reason, the Company collaborates with Users. Thus, Users undertake to inform the Company if the Personal Data they have shared with the Company becomes outdated or inaccurate.
  • 54. In addition, in the event that the User provides the Company with information that directly or indirectly identifies any other natural person, including, but not limited to, when Users have sent a request to the Company and have shared Personal Data about another natural person in the email, the User represents and warrants that, prior to sharing such information with the Company, such other natural persons have received this PP and, to the extent applicable, have consented to the processing of their Personal Datas.


  • 55. The Company undertakes to take appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure the security and confidentiality of the Personal Datas processed.
  • 56. The Company cannot guarantee the outcome of the measures taken to ensure data security. Therefore, the Company is not liable for any damage caused by the existence of a security breach.


10.1. Use of Cookies

  • 57. Cookies allow the gathering of information and are used to store, among other things:
    • the Customer ID ;
    • the IP address;
    • the current content of the Customer’s Cart;
    • the language in which the web page is displayed;
    • any useful data for statistical or advertising purposes.
  • 58. The use of Cookies may be strictly necessary for the functionalities requested by the User. In this case, the User’s consent is not required. However, if they do not meet these criteria, their use requires the User’s consent.
  • 59. The Company uses Cookies to optimise and improve both the experience of its Users and the operation of the Website. This information is used for the following non-exhaustive purposes
    • to obtain aggregated and anonymous statistics;
    • to determine the degree of effectiveness of our advertising.

10.2. Users information

  • 60. The User is informed that information called Cookies may be transmitted to the User’s browser or equipment by the Service when using the Website.

10.3. Cookies acceptance

  • 61. When you first visit the Website, a “Cookies” banner may appear asking you to accept, decline or configure Cookies.
  • 62. You can accept, decline and delete some or all of the Cookies.
  • 63. You are informed that the refusal of certain Cookies may affect the provision of the service provided and the navigation of the Website.

10.4. Cookies management

  • 64. The User who does not wish to have access to certain features enabled by Cookies, including targeted advertising, may restrict, disable or delete their Cookies.
  • 65. The Company informs you that Cookies can be configured in the browser help menu at the following URLs; Google; Mozilla Firefox; Safari; Edge and Opera.
  • 66. The Company invites the Users of the Website to consult this document from the French National Commission for Information Technology and Civil Liberties (CNIL) to learn how to control their browser.
  • 67. The Company informs the User that any restriction to the use of Cookies may affect and degrade the User experience and the functionality of the Website.

10.5. Cookies retention

  • 68. The maximum retention period for Cookies is thirteen (13) months from the time they are placed on the User’s browser or equipment. At the end of this period, a new consent will be  required


  • 69. In the event of a merger, division, acquisition or other similar transaction in which the Company is involved, the Company undertakes to guarantee the confidentiality of its Users’ Personal Data and to inform them prior to the transfer of this information or the submission to the new confidentiality rules.



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